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Vote for Jim Giles, Working Class Rebel, for Mississippi House District 60 on February 20, 2018.
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Bob (Hillary Clinton) Morrow - The Conservative Loser Puppet versus Jim (Donald Trump) Giles - The Radical Rebel Fighter
(Just because I say Morrow is the likely winner below doesn't mean he will win. Not if you suck it up and stand up for what is right and show up and vote for the best man on Tuesday! Hillary Clinton was the likely winner too!)
Recognize how corrupt our government is at all levels especially in the Mississippi Legislature. Look at Morrow, closely. His photo oozes with who he is and what he stands for, $$$, not you, not what is right and good.

The email below is informative as to your choices: (BTW, Don't pretend you don't know who and what you are voting for.)

And really you should ask yourself whether a Rebel Caucus is needed in the Mississippi Legislature. Clearly, in my opinion, a Rebel Caucus is essential!! Alternatively, you can vote for the conservative loser puppet and continue to be unrepresented as our state declines into more crime and more poverty while Bob Morrow lines his pockets.

Sent: Friday, February 16, 2018 8:12 AM
Subject: RE: Vaccine Rights - MPVR Candidate Survey


Please find attached my responses to your survey. I would add. The so-called 'men' in the legislature are anything but. They are puny little cowards. Also, you would want to put me in charge of this vaccination issue.

I see where there is a Black Caucus in the Mississippi Legislature. I would establish a Rebel Caucus (removing the current leadership and replacing them with new representatives being our mission) and opposing mandatory vaccinations would be on our agenda.

I hope to see you at the Mississippi Farmers Market!


Jim Giles

P.S. My election is unlikely, but I would encourage you to persist and stop being nice and trusting of any in the legislature. They are going through the motions, pretending. You should run for the legislature! Ultimately, my campaign is about getting regular people to run and regain control of what is supposed to be a representative body which it clearly is not. Injecting children with poison for profit? Pathetic.

Trump Isn't A Conservative-
And That's A Good Thing

Donald Trump is not a conservative and neither am I.

Are you a radical or a conservative is the question? If you are still trying to decide who you are going to vote for on February 20th, read Pat Buchanan's latest regarding the battle between conservatives and progressives. Make no mistake about it, Bob Morrow is absolutely a conservative loser and he will continue that losing tradition in the Mississippi Legislature if elected. While I am absolutely a working-class radical like Donald Trump who will fight back against the progressives who have taken over academia, the media, the judiciary, etc. It's not an exaggeration to say, we are on the verge of losing our country and our state to progressives. It is disgusting. I no longer recognize our country. Do you? Do you like what you see? If you don't like what you see, I'm your man!

Can you identify the three men below? Who looks most like Chuck Schumer, me or Morrow?

A Picture of the Progressive Future in Jackson Headed Your Way!

Given this reality, who do you want to represent you, a conservative or a radical? And represent is not the best word. Defend is the better word. Who do you want to defend you, a conservative loser or a radical fighter? For we are most certainly under attack by progressives! Bob Morrow actually looks like a progressive, does he not? Be honest.

I'm a beekeeper and I sell raw honey at the Mississippi Farmers Market every Saturday.

I call my small farm Giles Shire or The Shire.

Jim Giles

Mississippi House District 60 could send the first and only Working Class Rebel to the Mississippi Legislature where others could follow. Click the map below to see an enlarged and detailed map of House District 60. And even if you don't live in the district you should help Jimmy because he stands for what is right and against what is wrong. As simple as that might sound, politicians have perverted what is right and what is wrong. More precisely, lobbyists control every member of Mississippi's Legislature and not the people as they should.

Selling Rankin County raw honey at the front door of the Mississippi Farmers Market.

Telephone: 601-613-1290
173 Pear Lane, Pearl, MS 39208